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Full color, 128 pages, with 14 stories from Queer creators.

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Choose A Price?

Yeah! We previously used Gumroad which has a "pay what you want" pricing model, and we found that many people enjoy adding a tip to the minimum price. We decided to keep this function alive with our PayPal buttons. Each product has the option to add a $2 or $5 tip. It doesn't get you anything extra... unless you count the warm fuzzy feeling.

I'm a retailer, can I order wholesale?

Sure! Contact us at sales (at) fabledfarthing (dot) com

I'm a librarian. How do I order for my library?

We are so glad you asked! Getting this book into libraries is extremely important to us. We've tried to make it as easy as possible for libraries to buy Love In All Forms. Right now we've got a few ways for you to do this:

1. Purchase through our store with PayPal at full price.

2. Buy through our Alibris for Libraries listing. Some libraries prefer to pay full price from a known retailer.

3. Contact us directly at sales (at) fabledfarthing (dot) com. Libraries that contact us directly receive a discount.

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